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Canadian Association of Drilling Engineers (CADE)

In 2009, CADE celebrated 35 years of existence. With more than 575 members from more then 300 companies, CADE covers a large spectrum of specialists and offers the opportunity of a dialogue and sharing experience for its members. Other benefits of membership include: monthly newsletter, a Membership Directory with the Who's Who in the Canadian drilling industry, as well as a reduced price for the monthly technical presentation luncheons. The skills and knowledge obtained by your participation in this organization will benefit you and your employer, with direct application to your professional career.

Our Connection:

In July of 2010, the Canadian Association of Drilling Engineers and Petroleum and Energy Society formed a partnership whereby both organizations would see benefit in sharing members, information, knowledge and networks. CADE has forever been known as a network for the drilling industry in Western Canada, having established connections and resources across the industry. Now, these resources will become available to PES members at no additional cost to the PES membership. This includes access to CADE technical luncheons, conferences, networks and the Canadian Well Construction Journal. In exchange, PES offers CADE access to our motivated student members, many of which are searching for development or work term opportunities within the industry. We look forward to sharing our partnership with CADE and expect great things to happen over the coming years!

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