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Advisor of PetroBowl
Milad Arabloo


Milad is currently pursuing his PhD in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary. As the director of the PetroBowl team at the University, he provides students with a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge of petroleum engineering, develop problem-solving skills, and build strong teams. Through rigorous training, competition preparation, and access to valuable resources, he aims to empower students to excel academically and professionally in the field of petroleum engineering while preparing them for success in the upcoming year's competition.

Before beginning his doctoral studies, he gained extensive experience as a reservoir engineer at the National Iranian South Oil Company for over 7 years. He has published several peer-reviewed research papers in the area of petroleum engineering and serves as an editor for the Arabian Journal of Geosciences and The Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology. He is also the recipient of the Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship

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