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SPE | Machine Learning and Physics Based Models Application in Infill Drilling Decisions in Low Perm

Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 Speaker: Richard Baker, President (Res-Solve Solutions) Time: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Location: Calgary Petroleum Club (319 Fifth Ave SW, Calgary)

Cost: $15 (student)

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In unconventional resource shales or low permeability plays, there are many unknowns mainly related to fracture architecture, geological layering and multi-phase flow. This uncertainty impacts decisions on infill drilling well performance. Hybrid machine learning proxy model technique results in physics-based production analyses. In this talk, the workflow and modelling techniques are demonstrated on field cases.

The proxy models are used to optimize well spacing, calculate drainage volumes, and fracture parameters. The technique has the speed of decline analysis but uses a physics-based approach like a simulator; and most importantly, the technique can be self-updating.

The workflow and proxy model approach were then tested using blind tests, on field infill well examples. These blind tests on the models showed an >80% accuracy on determining, economic success or failure the infill well had.

Speaker Bio:

Richard Baker is the president of the Res-Solve Solutions. He has over 34 years of practical experience in reservoir engineering, simulation, EOR and thermal projects. His work, along with other members contribution’s, has resulted in production increase of 150 Mstbo/d and added 100’s MMbbl reserves. He has worked on a number of reservoir characterization/reservoir simulation projects worldwide in Canada, Russia, Indonesia, South America, North Africa, Middle East, North Sea and North America. Richard is a Distinguished Author Member of the Petroleum Society of CIM and received a CIM service award in 2008 as well as several SPE awards between 2007- 2019. For the past several years Richard has taught courses in Waterflood Surveillance and Reservoir Simulation and Characterization publicly as well as several in-house courses to several oil and gas companies worldwide.

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