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Crescent Point Case Study: Evolving Completion Technologies Mitigate Proppant Flowback

Date: Oct 11th, 2016 Time: 11:30-1:00 Location: Calgary Petroleum Club For more info refer to this link:

Multistage completions continue to evolve, though and the definition of "optimized" can be negatively affected by the low commodity prices the industry is suffering through. For some, the concept of "cutting costs at any cost" can lead to poor short-term focused decisions which result in higher total costs in the immediate future. In the end, dollars saved in the initial completion are more than offset by costs incurred later in the well life. One such example is the operational headache and costs incurred by proppant flowback after fracturing operations are completed. In many cases, a post-frac cleanout is required before turning the well over to production, and subsequent additional cleanouts can be required after 3-6 months of production. The presentation will examine the application of a completion methodology which has proven to minimize the inflow of proppant during both the fracture treatment, and during subsequent production. With almost no additional costs associated with the use of the method, the savings result in a direct benefit to profitability and capital preservation.

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