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How to Market Your Strongest Asset – You! Today and Throughout Your Career

Date: Tuesday, February 7 2017 Time: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Location: Calgary Petroleum Club For more info refer to this link:

Have you ever considered yourself as a product? Imagine you have a great product, but no one knows about it, what it does, nor how well it performs. I often run into people who feel as if they are their industry’s best – they do great work but, nobody knows they exist. Do you have that one friend who comes out of an event with not one but multiple coffee and lunch dates, while you walk out with an itching question of how did he/she do that? Have you wondered how certain people get discovered for the best opportunities, or how to create your own opportunities? If these people seem as if they are not playing by the same rules, you’re absolutely right! They have gone well beyond the traditional “networking” tactics. In fact, networking is a path that leads nowhere and you should stop “networking” now! Join us for an engaging discussion and discover not only the answers to these burning questions, but also learn how to market yourself to create fulfilling, authentic and effective relationships that lasts a lifetime.

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