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Young Professionals Luncheon: Directional Well Placement, Tips and Tricks

Date: Tuesday February 21 2017 Time: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Location: TransCanada Tower - Room 214 For more info refer to this link:

When drilling almost any well, it is important to position it optimally within the reservoir. To do so in real time upcoming targets may need to be modified. Often there is only a brief time to gather and interpret information, and data sets can lead to conflicting conclusions. Understanding the ecllipse of uncertainty between LWD tools and down-hole surveys might explain the problem. An understanding of tool parameters and limitations, and established communication pathways regarding decision-making must be in place. This way target modifications are accepted rather than questioned. This talk will summarize an example well geo-steered using LWD tools, explaining the discrepancy between inferred well path and surveyed well path using the ellipse of uncertainty.

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