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PES x CSUR | Unconventional Oil & Gas With Dr. Brad Hayes

“Unconventional” oil and gas have dramatically changed the face of the oil and gas industry in the last 20 years, particularly in North America. These changes have resonated throughout the world, with important consequences for humanity’s energy supplies and security, and important questions about environmental consequences.

We’ll look at unconventional oil and gas reservoirs – talking about what makes them “unconventional”, and why the industry must engage in hydraulic fracturing to tap these enormous energy resources. This knowledge informs our discussion about environmental consequences, as people are concerned about potential impacts on everything that supports our lives – water, air, and the land.

Today we’ll focus on water resources, methane emissions, and induced seismicity – three of the major environmental issues associated with hydraulic fracturing. Canada leads the world in effective regulation of these issues, as industry, regulators and academia have worked together to devise innovative techniques to reduce and mitigate environmental impacts.

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Brad Hayes is President of Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd., a geoscience consulting firm applying subsurface skills to energy technologies in conventional and unconventional oil and gas, non-petroleum resource exploration, energy storage and geothermal energy.

Brad earned a PhD in geology from the University of Alberta, and a BSc from the University of Toronto. He joined PRCL in 1996 after 15 years of exploration experience in the petroleum industry. Brad is a Director for the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (CSUR), and a Past-President of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG). He recently completed a six-year term as Councillor for the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA), and is also registered as a Professional Geoscientist in BC.

Brad is an Adjunct Professor in the University of Alberta Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and a sessional lecturer in geology at Mount Royal University. With CSUR, Brad directs the Outreach Program, sharing accurate, unbiased scientific information related to unconventional oil and gas, LNG development and energy transitions.


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